Are you paying too much for your child's wholesome diet?

Filipinos always have a knack for finding the silver lining in any given situation. They welcome trials and tribulations with open arms and a ready smile. However, any good news, no matter how trivial, is much appreciated at a time of uncertainty and fear. So, it is with joy that one of Philippines' top TV and film actresses, Angel Locsin, has great news to share with Filipino mothers.

This article originally appeared in ABS CBN News in June 2020

The Kapamilya star is proud and thrilled to be a part of an organization that promotes family welfare by providing wholesome goodness and proper nutrition. Locsin campaigns alongside mothers in giving their children the chance to Grow, Grow, Grow! at sustainable costs.

As Arla's newest endorser, Locsin shares the Grow Pros campaign that brings out and emphasizes the wholesome benefits and uses of protein towards children's development, growth, and nutrition. "I am excited to be part of the Arla family. The day I said yes to be part of the Arla family was the day I said yes to supporting organic products that are proven to be healthier and made by an environment-friendly company,'' said the Forbes Asia's 'Heroes of Philanthropy' 2019 listee.

Aside from being praised by citizens and her colleagues as a real-life Darna due to her active and unrelenting involvement in helping Filipinos during times of crisis—field volunteerism, donation drives, Shop & Share project, social movements advocacy—fans have also recounted instances where the down-to-earth activist is also one who vouches for her fellow Filipinos' talent by supporting local products. This shows the side of the philanthropist that trusts only in carefully produced goods like Arla, which she encourages moms to try as well. Here is why.

In the age of instant gratification and one-click solutions, it is easy to understand how some would get swept away by one too many sweet talk beyond belief — products that claim to solve a certain problem in 15 days or how-to's that guarantee 100% effectivity.

These seemingly harmless claims can gradually cost you so much in the long run and you would not even notice it. By picking up on these supposed ''life hacks'' simultaneously, you often end up paying more for things you never end up using.

Unfortunately, this reflects largely on children's diets, too. Are you guilty of constantly switching through different types of food, beverages, or meal plans that the internet charmed you in trying to get instant results for your child's health? That could take a heavy toll on your expenses.

Take a look at these common signs you should watch out for.

Having a lot of spoiled products in your shelf

The big, shiny red flag that tells you are spending too much is by how often you throw out damaged or inedible goods from your storage. This means you are stockpiling needless items, single-use products, or food you can actually live without. If it was so easy to dispose of it even when they were in good shape, that means they are not useful to you and you probably should not buy it again.

Shopping impatiently

The absence of patience can lead to terrible dangers. For one, shopping impatiently will not only leave you feeling frustrated when the outcome does not meet your expectations, but this will also get you to buy impulsively. That means buying just about anything that appeals to what you are currently looking for, even without studying its background or even checking for credentials – which is a must when dealing with health.

Not knowing which benefits to prioritize

Some food help with good skin and hair, those that manage weight loss, those that handle drowsiness, etc. Purchasing items that target specialized areas is good, but if saving and reducing expenses are your objectives, this is not the right way to go. Expect that getting a piece of each ''best'' solution for every issue that occurs in the childhood stage will be pretty expensive. In worse cases, these products may not even be complementary with one another and could be negating each other when consumed altogether.

Instead of tackling these individually, try to shift to a single product that focuses on the holistic growth of your child. This way, you not only cover your child's health needs but also save up on extra cost. You can start by supplementing their diet with loads of organic milk proteins.

Committed to providing families with nutritious and more natural choices, one of the world's biggest organic milk producer and globally-renowned dairy cooperative, Arla, offers Arla Organic Powdered Milk Drink. 100% European Organic-Certified and free from GMOs and pesticides, Arla Organic Powdered Milk Drink supplies the nutrients children need in their diet including high-quality protein.

Arla Organic Powdered Milk Drink contains 50% more protein vs. other non-organic powdered milk drinks, on top of the nutritional minerals and antioxidants—vitamins A, B2, B12, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and potassium—of organic milk, that promote a child's growth.

Arla takes it further by making organic living sustainable. Founded and based in Denmark—the first country to introduce regulations for organic production and the country where organic food has the largest market share—Arla provides quality dairy products at an affordable price. For a limited time, families can avail of this organic powdered milk for P50.00 (SRP).

At the onset of the health crisis facing the world today, Locsin spearheaded initiatives that are being supported by several artists in order to ease the impact the crisis has placed on the public. She had prompted sleeping quarters for healthcare workers, conducted a celebrity auction with proceeds going towards mass testing, teamed up with Tropical Disease Foundation for a testing mission, served homecooked meals to frontliners, among others.

In her newly premiered show ''Iba Yan,'' Locsin personified courage and resilience in finding ways to equip better living conditions so good health becomes accessible even to the less fortunate. She is the suitable ambassador for Arla Philippines because just as the milk brand stands for nutrition, wellness, and credibility, Locsin too has modeled the qualities of an individual who will defy hurdles just to impart quality health among her countrymen, at the same time earning their trust and loyalty in the process.

''Keeping the family nourished has never been more important. That's why we are proud to partner with Angel Locsin in promoting natural, healthy and tasty dairy products... Getting quality organic milk is within reach so that you continue to #feedtheirgreatness while you and your family #StayHomeStayStrongTogether,'' Arla Philippines wrote on their Facebook page.

There is no single perfect solution that can instantly make children flawlessly marvelous and healthy, but there are viable products out there like Arla Organic Powdered Milk Drink that is capable of making their wholesome diet achievable and results-driven without hurting the overall household expenses. What you get is milk that does not just taste good and does the body a whole lot of good, but makes for a budget-wise choice, too.

To try the new ARLA Organic Powdered Milk Drink, click here.

Arla supports all the health workers and frontliners serving the country and aims to alleviate the number of positive cases in the Philippines. Let us #StayHome and Stay Strong Together