Healthy Milk Drinks with Simple Ingredients

Milk contains plenty of nutrition important for our body. Find out more about how we can be healthier with milk drinks!


Minimalism is such a great topic to talk about. If you have been following Marie Kondo and her advice for a while, then you have some idea about the concept of minimalism. 

Minimalism is about how you choose to lead your life with minimum possessions. That can be as simple as having only the most important items in your house and getting rid of those which are a distraction and not a priority.

Leading Simple Eats Lifestyle

When associated with the culinary world, minimalism means selecting with mindfulness what food goes into the system of our temple; our body. Some call it simple eats. Some say it’s the minimalist diet. They all come from the same premise of cutting back on the processed food.

Simple eats also means we get to save more money because in a way, we can choose and cook the dishes that share the same ingredients. And one can start as soon as today, right this instance. 

Of course, we would need to have the right mentality because it is what’s going to keep us motivated when the going gets tough. Temptation will be lurking around the corner but with the right headspace and food product, we can achieve our health goals more effortlessly.

Four Organic Natural Ingredients

One of the ways to embody simple eats lifestyle is by introducing Arla Organic Powdered MIlk Drink into your morning routine. Arla Organic Powdered Milk Drink is perfect healthy drinks to have during breakfast. 

There are four good reasons why you should grab Arla healthy milk drinks. They contain four organic natural ingredients that are definitely beneficial for our health.

  • Organic milk

Organic milk is sourced from farms where the cows forage and eat only unspoilt grass-rich pastures. What’s so good about the organic milk is that there is no pesticides, GMO, and growth hormones, and antibiotics intervention during the production of the milk. 

The goal is to produce fresh milk only from the natural sources whilst achieving sustainability and adhering to best practices of environmental and wildlife management.

  • Organic vegetable oils

These organic vegetable oils are harvested from palm oil trees and then stored in such a way that does not compromise the quality and freshness of the oil. This method also ensures that all the essential vitamins and fatty acids are intact. 

And just like the milk ingredients counterpart, organic vegetable oils are processed without harmful GMO, chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. 

  • Organic sugars

Organic sugars are sugars produced from cane or beet with the efforts of always preserving the conditions of soil and water quality in the surrounding of the palm plantations without altering much of their natural being. 

A lot of people have the wrong perception about organic sugars. Some think that they don’t undergo much process. On the contrary, they are just as refined as any other sugar. The difference is they are processed, handled, and packaged without the involvement of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and GMO substances.

Although natural, Arla’s organic sugars are 30% less sugars compared to the other leading brands’. If you are searching for milk with less sugar, then this is the right choice for you.

  • Organic soy lecithin 

Acting as emulsifier or lubricant, organic soy lecithin is natural ingredient derived from soybeans. The word “organic” also means that the process does not involve the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and GMOs. 

Soy lecithin is incorporated in the mix of ingredients to smoothen texture and accelerate the flavor release.

So there you go! The perfect healthy drinks of milk with less sugar by Arla featuring four organic natural ingredients that is going to keep you healthy while leading simple eats lifestyle. 

Now you can bring home some stocks of Arla organic powdered milk by purchasing at leading supermarkets nationwide.

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