Keep your child’s eating and sleeping habits healthy even while in quarantine

The community quarantine has made it harder for parents to deal with picky eaters. Even the most patient parent can get tired of begging and bargaining with their child that they just let them eat their favorite processed food for days on end thinking that it’s better than an empty stomach.

This article originally appeared in Rappler in May 2020

The same goes for sleeping. Yielding to a toddler who refuses to sleep especially at night seems like the only choice for a mother who’s already exhausted from attending to her work and the household. No matter how difficult it is, it’s time to take control before these bad habits can make irreparable damage to your kids.

According to the National Institute of Health, “the health habits your kids are forming now can make, or literally break, their bones as they age”. Healthy bones may not be the first thing we think about but the truth is building strong bones by adopting healthy lifestyle habits early on is important to prevent diseases like osteoporosis and fractures later in life. 

So, if you’re worried about your child’s health now more than ever, then you should start instilling healthy eating and sleeping habits in them. Here are more reasons why:

It helps them become more alert during the day

“Parents need to ensure that children get enough sleep daily to help ensure proper growth,” said Dr. Paraluman M. Manuel. Although classes are suspended, it's important to maintain a routine. Enough sleep can help them become more alert during the day which they can use to read, exercise, and even play just like how they did it when they still had classes. 

It keeps them in a good mood

Lack of sleep also affects their mood. If you’ve noticed your children becoming more irritable, this may be an effect of sleep deprivation. The pandemic has forced children to adjust to a lot of changes so help them cope by ensuring that they get enough rest and sleep as it’s crucial for both their body and mind.

It improves their attention and ability to concentrate

What and when we eat affects our sleeping habits. According to research, poor sleeping patterns can lead to making bad food choices and eating more. For kids, alongside proper sleep, protein helps improve attention and concentration level.  Amino acids create brain chemicals that we use to concentrate. Meanwhile, sugary food and drinks in the morning can cause a surge and dip in a child’s energy level which can lead to untimely naps that can affect sleep during the night. 

It helps build a strong immune system

Aside from helping kids improve their concentration, protein also helps strengthen their immune system. Researchers have discovered that protein also helps prevents the development of immune and inflammatory diseases. 

Dr. Catrina M. Yang said that not consuming enough protein can weaken the immune system. “Many important parts of our immune system are also made up of proteins. Our antibodies, for example, are proteins. These antibodies are what fight off viruses and bacteria when they enter our bodies. That is why it is so vital for us to take enough proteins,” she said.

It helps your kids grow taller

In a society that likes being tall, it’s unsettling to know that 3 in 10 Filipino kids are not reaching the right height for their age. One of the biggest factors is food. A diet that has a good amount of protein helps in both muscle and bone development. For children, milk is one of the top sources of protein. 

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While it’s tempting to just let our kids eat and do whatever they want, being firm in making them follow a healthy eating and sleeping habits would benefit them more. A strong mind and body will help them cope with the crisis better and prepare them to go out into the world once the quarantine is over. –

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