Stay active during quarantine with these 5 fun family activities!

There’s nothing more enjoyable than spending your days together with family at home. Not only is it a great way to bond and reconnect, but it’s also a good chance for everyone to do something together.

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On the downside, there are limited resources because you can’t go out during the quarantine. And the isolation can get repetitive and boring. But you’ll be surprised. If you look on the bright side, there are actually many bonding activities that you can do together with the whole family. Here are some fun activities you can do – especially with the kids:

  1. Play Fun Games

fun family activities

Take a break from the internet and go back to simpler times. Break out those Jenga and Monopoly board games — or hunt for that Snakes and Ladders game that you used to love as a child. 

Playing board games is a great way to bond with family, plus, it’s a great time to tell the kids stories about the good old days when you used to be the Scrabble Queen. You can tell them how you played the same games against your siblings or even about how competitive you got in the process. After all, a little bit of healthy competition can’t hurt.

  1. Explore Arts and Crafts

fun family activites

Arts and crafts are a creative exercise for the kids with countless benefits for their early development. The little ones can do some finger painting or coloring, while the bigger kids can make clay figures, start on some needlework or even try bullet journaling. There’s just so much more you can do! 


Not only is art a great way for you and your kids to express yourselves, but this also comes with tons of benefits for your child’s growth. These include developing fine motor skills, improving hand-eye coordination, and even their dexterity. But most importantly, it promotes self-esteem, confidence and even gives them a sense of fulfillment that yes, they made that thing, and yes, it looks great.

  1. Exercise Together

Stay active during quarantine with these 5 fun family activities!

Being cooped up at home means it’s so easy to slide into laziness. Don’t let that happen! Take some time to do some stretches and light workouts with your family. Exercise is a good way to pass the time because one, it’s good for your health, and two, you can direct your kids’ energy into something productive. Plus, working out at home is more chill, cost-efficient, and you can do it at your own time and pace. That means even newbies can get started that way! 

  1. Watch TV and Movies

fun family activites


In this modern age, it’s impossible to completely stay away from technology. So, if watching TV or even Netflix is your way of relaxing, then by all means, indulge together! Watching a movie with the family is a great way to bond because it’s a natural way for kids to learn, and you get to spend quality time together. Plus, when everyone is invested in the show together, it gives you and your kids something to talk about after.

(Bonus Tip: Make sure that what you’re watching with your kids is age appropriate)

  1. Cooking with the Family

fun family activites

The quarantine has closed off all options for dining in restaurants, and while some offer take-out or delivery options, nothing beats a home-cooked meal. Cooking can become a fun family activity when you get the kids involved, making work lighter for you. But perhaps best of all, cooking is a life skill for your kids which they can use tomorrow or when they’re cooking meals for their own families in the future. Even better, your kids will learn positive values — from initiative and determination to the value of hard work


The benefits don’t stop there. Kids will also learn proper time management through cooking. Meals are prepared three times a day, so that means you and your kids will need to set aside time to prepare the ingredients and cook beforehand. It could also mean waking up early every morning for breakfast.

One essential ingredient in every breakfast is milk. It’s versatile and loaded with all the nutrients that you and your kids need throughout the day, like calcium, protein and vitamins. Plus, you can make so many different things with it. These include a hot cocoa alternative for the kids or the popular Dalgona Coffee for adults that’s all the rage — a whipped, frothy coffee drink with milk. 

Stay active during quarantine with these 5 fun family activities!

Making Dalgona coffee is a fun activity with kids, and it’s an easy one too. Just add instant coffee, water, and sugar, then whip it until frothy with either a mixer, or by hand. And while the three ingredients are essential, you can easily level up the recipe with organic milk. Now you might think that organic means expensive, but you simply get more value for money by using ARLA ORGANIC POWDERED MILK DRINK.

Stay active during quarantine with these 5 fun family activities!


Arla is a farmer cooperative based in Europe and also the world's largest organic dairy milk producer. This brand from Denmark has gone through a rigorous process to be certified as one of the few producers of organic milk in the world. Everything, from the cultivated soil to the water and grass, and even the living conditions of the cows themselves are inspected annually by the governing body. That way, you are ensured of a nutritious, natural, healthy milk with every glass. 

Perhaps best of all, this organic powdered milk costs almost the same as regular powdered milks in the market — making it a good brand to store up on in the middle of quarantine. Now it’s easy to give only the best for your children to protect them and make them strong.

Remember — #StayHome, Stay Strong Together, and help our frontliners flatten the curve by staying at home and keeping healthy!

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