The Benefits of Having Low Sugar Diet

With low sugar diet, you can overcome problems of overweight and obesity. Read to find out more about recommended daily sugar intake!

Recommended Daily Sugar Intake

Committing to low sugar diet can be a challenging task. Every single day, we are probably consuming sugar more than we would like to admit. 

Having coffee in the morning with cream and refined sugar, that’s sugar intake. Sipping that bubble tea milk after lunch, that is sugar intake number 2. Chowing down a piece of Black Forest cake for dessert, that is the third sugar of the day. 

That brings us to the question. What is the recommended daily sugar intake?

According to a research by WHO, the best recommendation of sugar intake per day is roughly 25 grams. In other words, the recommended daily sugar intake is 6 teaspoons. 

The WHO study further reveals if this is reflected correctly in your low sugar diet meal plan, one can stay away from the problems of overweight, obesity, and tooth decay. Not committing to sugar intake per day can also bring down the energy level and increase the chances of getting depression as well. So be sure to follow the recommended daily sugar intake. 

The danger also lies in the amount of sugar hidden in processed foods which are not perceived as sweets. Then the trouble slips in when you start to think and believe that it’s safe to begin consuming lots of foods that are not sweets categorically speaking.

Lactose & Added Sugar

There are two kinds of sugar in all milk. The first one is the naturally-occurring sugar which is called lactose. The good thing about lactose is that it can be processed quite easily by our body due to its natural occurrence. The second kind is the added sugar which literally means a certain amount of sugar is being added to the milk. Always try to look for the lowest added sugar content when shopping for milk. If there’s no added sugar, then it is even better.

Sugar Detox

Giving up sweet taste definitely pays off in the long term if you really strive and are strict with the diet. It will get some time for you to get used to, but eventually your taste buds will adjust accordingly and you will no longer crave for sugar.

However, you do not want to cut sugar out of your life just like that. Sugar detox has its downside as well and you have to tread this mindfully.

If you start to feel light-headed, unenergetic, easily anxious, experience changes in sleep patterns difficulty in concentrating, or if you crave for other foods constantly, that's a sign you have to introduce a little bit of sugar back into your foods and drinks.

Arla Organic Powdered Drink

When we talk about the dairy subject, the preconception in our society is that milk is good and that multiple servings in a day is allowed. But how many of us really check on the label these days to find out what’s good and what’s not? 

Fortunately, for those who like to drink milk on a daily basis and cut back on sugar consumption at the same time, Arla has just the right product. Arla organic powdered milk is made with ⅓ organic lactose and only 2.2 gram organic sugar per servings. 

In one glass of milk, you can now enjoy the goodness of milk and the health benefits that come with it. Buy Arla Organic Powdered Milk now at leading supermarkets nationwide!

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