Arla Cheese

Arla Havarti

Havarti is a distinctive, creamy and mild yellow cheese made from fresh milk according to an authentic, traditional Danish recipe.

Havarti cheese was inspired by the Tilsiter cheese, developed in the 1870s by Mrs Westphal in Tilsit, a town in Eastern Prussia.

Hanne Nielsen was one of Denmark's outstanding cheese pioneers. She was extremely interested in cheese production and product development. She travelled extensively studying cheese production.

When Hanne Nielsen returned home she started producing many different types of cheese. Among these was Tilsiter cheese which, following the Stresa Convention, acquired the name with which we are all familiar, Havarti. The cheese was thus named after Hanne Nielsen’s farm - Havartigård.

Children loves the mild version, whereas the matured havarti has enough character to seduce the most discerning taste buds.

Arla Havarti is produced at Nr. Vium Dairy in Denmark, as well as at Hollandtown Dairy in Wisconsin, USA.


Required characteristics for a Havarti Cheese:

  • Country of origin: Denmark
  • A granular cheese available both as rindless as with smear. Shape: Cheeses weighing less than 2 kg must have a rectangular base and the longest side is more than twice as long as the shortest. Cheeses weighing more than 2 kg must be round, rectangular or square at the base.
  • Body and texture: The consistency is semi-hard and sliceable. The structure is characterised by innumerable holes of varying sizes, although no larger than a grain of rice, evenly distributed throughout the cheese. It is possible to add caraway as well as other aromatic herbs, spices or fruit.
  • Taste: Havarti with rind – mild, acidulous, aromatic flavour characterised by surface ripening. With age, the smell and taste become more marked. Rindless: Pure, slightly acidulous and aromatic.
  • Maturation time: Min. 5 weeks when despatched from the production site. 
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