Arla Cheesy Spread

Arla Cheesy Spread is made from almost 90% of fresh cow’s milk and in a Metro Manila study, 8 out 10 moms who tried Arla Cheesy Spread wants to buy it again because of it’s mild and creamy taste. Being an Arla product,  you can be assured of farm fresh milk from our farmer-owners who guarantee product safety and quality.

Arla Cheesy Spread is a natural source of Calcium and Vitamin A which are the important sources of nutrients for our body. Arla Cheesy Spread definitely makes for a great companion when having sandwiches and crackers for either breakfast or light bites.


Arla Cheesy Spread is available in all major supermarkets nationwide and is available in 4 sizes - 140g, 240g, and 500g glass jars and our newly introduced 400g squeeze bottle. Get real with Arla Cheesy Spread.