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Cheese spread is loved by many kids and families all around the world. We can spread it onto our bread and toast for delicious breakfast in the morning. We can also apply cheese spread on top of crackers while enjoying our tiny breaks during merienda time. It is also a perfect condiment during party as dipping for any kind of finger snacks! Because cheese spread is applied by spreading it on top of some other food, it is also known as “spreadable cheese”. Cheese spread is made from one or more cheeses. For flavors, there are options of additional ingredients which can be blended with spreadable cheese. These ingredients can be meat, vegetables, local herbs and spices and altogether they make the taste even more appetizing.

Arla Cheesy Spread

Arla’s cheese spread is called “Cheesy Spread”. It is made from almost 90% of fresh cow’s milk and in 2017 Metro Manila study, 8 out of 10 moms who tried Arla Cheesy Spread wants to buy it again because of its mild and creamy taste. Arla Cheesy Spread contains calcium and vitamin A which are important nutrients for our body. It definitely makes for a great companion when having sandwiches and crackers for either breakfast or for your kids baon.

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Also available in Cheesy Cheddar, Exclusively available at: S&R Membership Stores Nationwide

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Arla is owned by dairy farmers who produce most of our milk

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