Castello Blue Cheese Brie


Castello Blue Cheese Brie

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The Delicious Brie Cheese

The Origin of Brie Cheese

Brie cheese is made from whole or semi-skimmed cow milk with typical fat content of 8.4gr per 100 gr. It is very popular in France because its origin is a region in France called Brie. The Brie cheese has a nickname called “The Queen of Cheeses” and is considered to be one of the world’s best cheeses. The texture is soft and usually sold in the shape of small wheel of either 1 or 2 kg packed in a wooden box. Brie cheese is perhaps best paired with baguette or crackers. One would also find it delectable if served together with sandwiches and salads. The white mold on the outer side of brie cheese is completely edible. Try it and you’ll be wanting for more!

The Preservation of Brie Cheese

The brie cheese is considered a soft cheese which is typically rich and creamy. Before consuming it, please be sure to check the rind as it should always look fresh and white, and not slimy with brown spots. It is highly recommended for brie cheese to be kept well in the fridge at 4 degrees of Celsius once opened. Be sure to contain brie cheese in a tightly sealed plastic wrap in order to maintain a longer shelf life.

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