Castello Blue Cheese Camembert


Castello Blue Cheese Camembert

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The Great Camembert Cheese

The Origin of Camembert Cheese

Do you know that Camembert cheese is the second most popular cheese in France? Camembert cheese originates in Normandy Province in the northwest of the country. Camembert cheese categorically belongs to the group of soft cheese. It is known for its creamy, smooth, and thick texture. The taste is distinctly nutty and grassy. Some would even describe it as mushroomy. What a brilliant pick if you are in the mood for something fresh, earthy, and aromatic.

The Rind of Camembert Cheese

What makes Camembert cheese a favorite is also the fact that it is squeezable and still looks great if left out in the open long enough. The rind is totally edible and delicious. Look for the tiny brown spots in the rind and you’re in it for a good Camembert cheese! If the rind appears too white, then the taste won’t taste quite as the authentic one. Camembert cheese is best eaten by spreading it over a piece of baguette. It is sold usually at just 5 inches in diameter in supermarkets and grocery stores. Camembert cheese is made with unfiltered raw milk that specifically comes from cows in Normandy. Today there are not many manufacturers producing Camembert cheese anymore. This is because they can be produced with only raw milk according to the regulating law in France.

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