Fits you good

Arla Natural Yogurt

Fits You Good

Arla Natural Yogurt lets you indulge without the guilt. This tasty, low-fat, low-calorie snack is made with live yogurt, contains protein and calcium from top-quality skimmed milk, and has no artificial colors. It comes in two delicious, all-natural fruity flavors – Cherry and Strawberry. Conveniently packed for your everyday activities, Arla Natural Yogurt lets you take on life’s possibilities in a healthy way – a way that fits you good. Try it now!


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Low-calorie, Non-fat

Arla Natural Yogurt only has 78 calories and 0.1 g of fat per serving, perfect for your guilt-free and tasty snack cravings.

All-natural Flavors

Arla Natural Yogurt is has two all-natural flavors – Strawberry and Cherry. It also has a creamy texture, with a fruity color, and slightly tart with a sweet taste.

Rich with Nutrients & Easy to Eat

A rich source of Calcium & Protein, Arla Natural Yogurt lets you indulge without the guilt. Taste what fits you good in a conveniently packed 100g cup perfect for your everyday activities.


Arla Natural Yogurt Range



Cherry (100g)


Strawberry (100g)