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Cheddar Cheese

History of Cheddar Cheese

If you’re a fan of cheese, then you’re no stranger to ​Cheddar cheese ​already. Originally from the English village of ​Cheddar in Somerset, ​Cheddars is easily a clear favorite among the culinary fans because it is so versatile in use. It has been produced since the reign of King Henry II during the 12th century AD and was brought to fame by skillful Somerset dairyman named Joseph Harding. Thanks to his innovations and relentless promotions of modern cheese-making techniques, Joseph has been hailed as the “Founding father of ​Cheddar cheese​”.
During the World War II, almost all of the milk in the UK went into the creation of one single type of cheese named “Government Cheddar” which basically was ​Cheddar cheese​. They did this for the reason of war economies. Because of this, there was almost no other cheese production in the UK. 




Application of Cheddar Cheese

It’s no secret ​Cheddar cheese ​tastes really good with Parmesan. They are often combined to make dishes like macaroni and cheese and cheese grits. You can also opt to sprinkle some ​Cheddar on top of casserole and pizza to make it more fun and delicious. As for dessert, you can include ​cheddars as part of the ingredients in making apple pie.

Cheddar cheese also contains much calcium which is essential for bones and teeth strength. Other than that, the consumption of ​Cheddar is also known to help heal wound faster and maintain blood pressure.

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