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Emmental Cheese

Origin of Emmental Cheese 

Remember the cute big holes in cartoons when the mice are trying to eat the cheese? That’s ​Emmental cheese​. Arla ​Emmental cheese is originally produced in the Alpine region of Southern Germany. ​Emmental has that distinct feature about it characterised by the large bubbles or “eyes” that resemble the Swiss cheese. Some people are still referring it to Swiss cheese these days. 

The Holes in Emmental Cheese 

The visible irregular holes in ​Emmental cheese are actually gas bubbles released by the bacteria used in making it. People used to not fancy these holes so much back in the days because they look bizzarre. But as time goes by, people have come to embrace this imperfection. No one could argue the fact that it is laborious to make Emmental​ due to its complex hole-forming fermentation process.

Emmental cheese is naturally medium-hard in texture with a pale yellow color. If you pay attention closely, you can detect the taste of butter with a soft hazelnut flavor in it. Some people have compared the taste to Gruyère cheese, only less buttery. ​Emmental melts quite easily and that is why chef loves using them in cooking. It is definitely a popular ingredient in making the sumptuous fondue and mac-n-cheese. When you’re feeling cozy, try it with a glass of Jura wine.  

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There's a lot of craft that goes into making a mild and nutty Arla Emmental. That's why our skilled cheesemakers are so proud of every single one they make. See what it takes for Emmental to get from the dairy, to you.


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