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Gouda Cheese

Facts about Gouda Cheese

Gouda cheese is a popular yellow cheese originating from the Netherlands. It is one of the oldest recorded cheeses in the world and was first mentioned around 1184. ​Gouda is known to acquire the taste of nuts but a very mild one. Some would even say it carries a fruity flavor with a subtle sweet caramel hint. 

The Process of Making Gouda Cheese

The process of making ​Gouda cheese ​is a long and complex labor. The Dutch housewives would be the ones in charge of creating ​Gouda whereas the husband would pass the cheese-making skill on to their daughters. After going through the process that is called washing the curd, removing the lactose and reducing the lactic acid, the cultured milk turns into a sweeter cheese.

This sweet cheese is left for a couple of days and then becomes dry. The next important process in perfecting ​Gouda cheese is to make sure to cover it with a yellow coating in order to keep it from drying out too much. At the end, the cheese will gradually change from semi-hard to hard and become the delicious​ Gouda ​that we’ve come to love.

A finely-aged ​Gouda cheese can even be enjoyed on its own. It is a perfect pairing with beer, wine, or whiskey. Remember to store ​Gouda properly in the refrigerator so it can last up to four months. If it ​begins to smell unusual and mold starts to appear, then it’s definitely gone bad and should be discarded. 

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