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Mozzarella Cheese 

History of Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella cheese was first made in Naples in Southern Italy with milk from water buffaloes. This being said, today’s version does not always mean it comes from Italian water buffaloes. Any type of milk can be involved during the production of ​mozzarella cheese​. They can come from cow, sheep, or even goat if the label does not specifically mention water buffalo as source.

Americans were first introduced to ​Mozzarella cheese by the Italian immigrants while in Denmark during the World War II. The American soldiers badly needed something as topping for pizza and that’s how it made its way to become the one of the must-have toppings for pizza all around the world. Safe to say people love ​Mozzarella ​because the cheese sort of stretches when taking a bite on them. The golden color when melted also adds to the popularity among pizza lovers.


Texture & Taste of Mozzarella Cheese 

Mozzarella cheese contains high level of moisture and that is why it is fresh for serving the day after it is made. The ​mozzarella we see in stores and supermarkets can have longer shelf life only if it is being wrapped in vacuum-sealed package.

Mozzarella cheese is known for its pale white color. Some might vary to slightly yellow depending on the source of milk. The texture is not hard compared to some of the other kinds of cheeses. The taste of ​mozzarella is mild and creamy with a subtle hint of salt and acid making it irresistible not to stock one or two in the fridge. 

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