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Shredded Pizza Topping

Stretchability Quality of Shredded Pizza Topping

Arla ​shredded pizza topping has that amazing stretchability quality like no other. Its golden color when melted and strong structure are the reasons food aficionados are so into it. Its taste is mild, fresh, and creamy with a subtle hint of tanginess.

Pizza fans are going to appreciate the freshness of Arla ​shredded pizza topping ​. Sprinkle some on top of your favorite pizza slices and you are in it for a good ride! If you love pasta, you may also incorporate a generous amount just to add that extra kick.

Our ​pizza topping has been certified halal so everyone around the world can enjoy the cheesy goodness of it. Go grab your ​shredded pizza topping today in the nearest supermarket!

Storing Shredded Pizza Topping 

Preserving pizza topping requires attention. Best to use a proper cheese bag or cheese paper to contain the shredded pizza topping so it won’t get exposure from the air.

Remember not to wrap pizza topping too tightly because it needs some space to breathe. Otherwise it will start to absorb the flavor of the plastic and it surely will not be as aromatic as the fresh one. Don’t wrap the shredded pizza topping too loosely either because it can dry out and becomes hardened.

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