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Tex Mex Cheese 

Good Food with Tex Mex Cheese

Fans of Mexican American cuisines know that there is nothing more glorious than sprinkling some cheese over tex mex food. And for that purpose, Arla has the finely shredded ​tex mex cheese​. A party of tex mex certainly won’t be complete without the key ingredients -- ​tex mex cheese​, corn, tortilla chips, tacos, salsa, nachos, and beef dishes.

Arla ​tex mex cheese carries an aromatic taste with a glimpse of garlic, chili, and cumin flavor in the shadow. The texture of ​tex mex cheese is semi-soft and elastic making it stretchable and preferred by chefs and households around the world when preparing Mexican inspired dishes.

History of Tex Mex Cheese

A little history took place between the year of 1821 and 1836 when Tejas (Texas Mexican) used to be a province in Mexico. In 1845, Tejas (Texas) joined the United States of America until today. It was during those times, a lot of Mexican descendants worked as farmers and food sellers in the Southern of Texas and introduced tex mex dishes to the Americans.

A lot of new spices and flavors came into the forefront of American food culture. However it took some time before everyone embraced the new food eating phenomenon like tex mex and started to use more twists like cheese in the dishes and call it by the name of ​tex mex cheese​. Since then, ​tex mex cheese has always been such an integral part of Mexican American gastronomy.

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