Our health strategy

We empower a good relationship with food

We believe that if you know where food is from, how it is produced and how you can prepare it into a nutritious and delicious meal, you have a better foundation for a healthy life. We want to inspire good food habits that make it easier for people to live a healthy life.

Why we do this

Healthy eating is important for all of us to live longer, balance weight and reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases. However, dietary behavior are shifting as the global population becomes increasingly urbanized and general socio-economic status improves. Traditionally, these societal shifts also results in more unhealthy dietary choices generally low in nutrients and high in sugar, fat and salt and do not meet dietary recommendations. This has huge consequences for public health.

The more we know about nutrition, food, cooking and how to balance our diets, the better we’re able to make healthy choices for ourselves and our families. 

Our Aspiration

We want to champion good food habits and inspire a healthy life. A healthy daily diet leaves room for the occasional indulgence, which is also part of a good life.

Through our wide collection of online recipes, on-pack information, collaboration with retail customers, inspirational events and educational programmes, we share our knowledge of what is a healthy diet and how to prepare a healthy meal, such as breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.

Some of our activities

  • Open farm days to showcase the life on a typical Arla dairy farm and how milk is produced. 
  • Campaigns emphasizing the importance of breakfast for better performance through the day, especially among school children.
  • Online recipes with nutritional information and weekly healthy menu planning in our core markets, including menu planning connected to home delivery firm to facilitate every-day life.
  • Partnering programme in Bangladesh and the Dominican Republic to provide a daily glass of milk to less fortunate children to help improve their learning abilities.
  • Arla Foundation Food Camps to improve cooking skills and food knowledge among school children in Denmark.
  • FOOD Moovers, cross-disciplinary free educational program designed for teachers, to be used together with children to rethink and improve the framework for their dietary habits in school. 
  • Inspire critical thinking among consumers in relation to current debate on food myths and pseudoscience in relation to diet, food and health by the campaign 'Milk without Milk' in Denmark.
  • LAB for public kitchens – educational program offered to food service customers to inspire personnel and managers in public kitchens towards e.g. vegetarian cooking or increased knowledge around yoghurts in cooking.

Food & Inspiration

We would love to inspire you to create simple, nutritious meals...