A bit of Arla Buzz

Welcoming our graduates to Arla

This year, 22 talented young people with 16 different nationalities and a wide spectrum of educational backgrounds have been selected to join Arla’s Global Graduate Programmes. The programmes aim to kick-start the graduates’ careers with a great focus on developing their strategic potential, their competences to become leaders who envision the future, engage people and deliver performance to create the future of dairy.

Having gone through a thorough recruitment process, the 16 Future Fifteen and 6 Production Management graduates have not only proved qualified throughout the entire process, but also demonstrated global mindsets, essential competencies and a great portion of aspiration.

From Nr. Vium to New Jersey

…and from Dubai to Düsseldorf, the young graduates have been spread across our business, starting their first rotation within areas to intentionally bring them out of their comfort zones and into new challenges. Production Management graduate, Tine Vieland Jensen, is excited to learn more about the process of making cheese when starting her programme at Nr. Vium Dairy: “I am looking forward to be nerdy about the process and to learn from the very best and competent colleagues”.

Hitting the ground running

To help our graduates acquire a solid base of knowledge about our business before kicking off their first rotation, they went through an intense training module at our Arla headquarter in Viby, DK. During the week, the graduates were introduced to our values - Lead, Sense & Create - our 2020 Good Growth strategy and our vision of creating the future of dairy to bring health and inspiration to the world, naturally.

The graduates also visited one of our dairies and farms, where they not only developed a greater understanding of the dairy business, but also got a chance to experience why our farmer owners are Arla’s reason for being. On his way to New Jersey, US, F15 graduate, Stefano Baldani, is truly motivated to make a difference: “After talking to Arla farmers in my first week, I feel the responsibility to get out in the organization, challenge status-quo and provide innovative solutions that will provide better conditions for our farmer owners while expanding our business”.

We are looking forward to following our graduates on their journey: Welcome to Arla, graduates! 


…Arla’s Global Graduate Programmes offer you one-to-ones with a mentor from our top management, who will guide you in relation to your personal development and help you build strong networks with colleagues and decision makers?

…Arla designs team trainings with the aim to enhance your performance and people skills to boost your professional and personal development within business strategy, organisational understanding, project management and leadership competence?

… we will ensure that you get the right challenges at the right time to unfold your potential and show us what you have got?