Healthy Eating

Dairy is Nutritious

There are more vitamins and minerals in milk than you can find in almost any other food source. It’s nature’s most unique food, full of things that help make you stronger as you grow, play, learn and live.


We constantly review the contents of all our products and are working consistently to keep them as natural as possible. This means that nearly every product we produce is free of artificial ingredients and additives. However, to maintain the highest possible product quality, sometimes it's difficult to avoid.


Milk is naturally rich in essential nutrients. We turn it into all kinds of foods that fulfil some of your body’s basic needs. For specific nutritional needs, we combine our milk with natural ingredients to provide products that makes it easier for people to live healthy lives.  

We are


We are farmer-owned, which means when you buy any Arla product, you know you are helping support our farmers and their families.


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