Morning Motivations Promo Mechanics

  1. The promo is open to all legal age residents of Metro Manila.
  2. Promo period is from August 9 - September 18, 2021.
  3. Arla Morning Motivations will select entries posted in two (2) social media platforms, namely Facebook (FB) and Instagram (IG).
  4. An entry is considered valid provided it fulfills all of the following conditions:
    1. Entry is in the form of a boomerang* video.
    2. Entry is posted on the participant’s FB, IG and/or their profile feed.
    3. Entry depicts an action or scenario that motivates the participant to become a champion in the making.
    4. Participant includes any of the “Arla Morning Motivations” stickers and GIFs** in their entry.
    5. Participant tags/mentions @ArlaPH, Arla Philippines’ official FB and IG username, in their entry.
    6. Entry can be viewed publicly.
    7. If entry is posted on the participant’s FB or IG profile feed, it must include the hashtag #ArlaMorningMotivations in its caption.
  5. Participants may enter an unlimited number of entries.
  6. Participants, however, may only win once. Succeeding entries made after being identified as a winner, will no longer be considered.
  7. Arla Philippines reserves the right to choose the winning entries based on the following criteria:
    Description Percentile
    Layout of Arla stickers 10%
    Uniqueness of morning motivation 30%
    Use of caption and hashtag 20%
    Number of engagement to FB/IG post 10%
    Relevance of morning motivation to campaign idea 30%
  8. The promo entitles two (2) winners to be announced every Monday, every week.
  9. Announcements of winning participants will be made and posted on Arla Philippines’ official FB and IG profiles.
  10. Arla Philippines will ask the winners to message its official FB and/or IG profiles to confirm redemption of prize.
    1. Arla Philippines to communicate spiel:

      Congratulations ! A wonderful Arla Morning Motivation! As our deserving winner, please allow us to receive your contact information so we may process the delivery of the prizes. Please fill out the form below, to allow us to process your information. (Providing us with the information acts as content for Arla Philippines to use the gathered data for legitimate purposes.)

      Contact number:
      Complete address:

    2. Once winner has consented and filled out the form, Arla Philippines replies to the message:

      Thank you for joining our Arla Morning Motivation contest! Kindly expect receipt of prizes within 7-14 days. Thank you for making Arla part of your morning motivation!

  11. Prize of the promo is a branded Arla tote bag, containing the following products/items:
    1. 2x Arla Cheesy Spread Regular 240g
    2. 2x Arla Cheesy Spread Cheddar 240g
    3. 2x Arla Cheesy Spread Light 240g
    4. 1x Arla Organic Full Cream UHT 1L
    5. 2x Arla Strawberry UHT Milk 1L
    6. 2x Arla Chocolate UHT Milk 200mL
    7. Gift tag
    8. Tumbler
    9. Various beddings and wrapper, etc.
  12. Arla Philippines will deliver the prize of the winning participants within the week of confirmed redemption.
  13. Arla Philippines will notify the winning participants via private message or SMS once their prize is being delivered.
  14. In the event of a failed delivery:
    1. Arla Philippines is notified of the unsuccessful attempt of delivery.
    2. Arla Philippines to communicate with the recipient that there will be a second and final delivery attempt. Recipients will be notified on or the day before the said delivery attempt.
    3. If failure to deliver falls on the last week of the promo duration, recipients are encouraged to arrange their own courier service or self pick-up at their own expense.

      Pick up address: Amplify Experience Agency, Strata 100, 15A, Building Emerald Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1605 Metro Manila.

  15. Winning participants agree to the disclosure and publication of their names and other particulars as Arla Philippines may deem appropriate and to participate in any photo, publicity or other media arrangements made by Arla Philippines to announce the winners to the general public.
  16. Employees of Arla Philippines and Amplify Multimedia Prod Inc, and advertising and promotional agencies, and their relatives up to the second degree of affinity or consanguinity are disqualified from joining the promo.