Being responsible

Nature and environment

Our guess is that you care about the environment and the welfare of animals. Our ambition is to be at the forefront when it comes to sustainable dairy farming and environmental standards in the dairy industry.

Size leads to opportunities

Our size gives us many opportunities to explore and invest in new environmental solutions. When we decide on new environmental targets, our results have a great impact. 13,500 cooperative Arla farmers work with sustainable dairy farming and 19,000 colleagues take action in 133 dairies and offices.

Carbon footprint of a glass of milk

Of all the foods you can eat, milk will give you one of the richest combinations of protein, vitamins and minerals. The carbon footprint of a glass of milk may be higher than that of a soda, but don’t you think your body will appreciate it more?

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Animal welfare

Healthy milk is produced by healthy animals. And since our whole business is based on milk from our own cows, our farmers obviously want to make sure that their animals are well looked after by knowledgeable staff. It’s important that cows’ needs are met - that they are fed, watered, kept clean and cared for.

See video about housed dairy cows

For a better world

Environmental Strategy

Our environmental strategy 2020 focuses on sustainable agriculture, greenhouse gas emissions, water, energy, and zero waste...

Farm Quality


The Quality Assurance Programme "Arlagården®" specifies the requirements for milk production on farms which supply milk to Arla.

Good farming

Animal welfare

Not many of us know a farmer and thereby have the possibility to visit a farm. But take a look at this farm to see how the cows live when they are not on grass...

Good farming

Arla is farmer owned

Dairy farmers own Arla. Our objective is to help them obtain the highest possible milk price.