Arla organic yogurt. Yogurt, Fruit. Nothing else

Nothing but the necessary

We like to keep it as simple as possible. So there’s no added sugar and no artificial ingredients, just naturally yummy organic yogurt and organic fruit. NOTHING ELSE!

Nothing but the natural sweetness of organic yogurt and organic fruit.
We don’t use any artificial additives. Only organic goodness, straight from nature – to your fridge.

Only the tastiest organic strawberries are in our organic yogurt. As good for growing kids as it is for adults. Scrumptious!

Organic Strawberry Yogurt

Yogurt, Fruit. Nothing else.

Organic Peach & Apricot Yogurt

Yogurt, Fruit. Nothing else.

A yummy pairing of organic apricots and peaches make this organic yogurt as delightful as it is good for you.

Take a walk on the tropical side with this creamy organic yogurt of passion fruits, mangos and more. Tasty!

Organic Tropical fruit Yogurt

Yogurt, Fruit. Nothing else.

Organic Red Fruit Yogurt

Yogurt, Fruit. Nothing else.

A blending of foraged red berries makes this organic yogurt a beautiful balance of sweet and tart. Exceptional taste, with a good conscience. Perfect for all the family.



We are farmers.
We are organic.

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