Food habits

Food moovers – inspiring children to a healthier lifestyle

Arla has created the Food Moovers project to educate schoolchildren and teach them to take care of their own health.

Healthy food habits begin at an early age. That’s why the Arla Foundation has created the educational project Food Moovers to empower and teach schoolchildren to be aware of their own eating habits. 

The teaching program is created in collaboration with a range of experts, including a chef, two teachers and a professor in health and pedagogics. The program is free and supports teachers in framing innovative learning processes. It motivates the pupils to further motivate each other and includes each pupil’s thoughts and problems on an active basis. For instance, the pupils are asked to select a challenge from their daily life and come up with a solution.

Food Moovers has already been used by teachers in Denmark under the name Food Moovers. To test its international potential, Arla collaborated with the Ministry of Education in 

the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai British School Jumeirah Park was selected to run Food Moovers as a pilot project. At the same time, the teaching program was running in two schools in Denmark, and a competition was announced to engage the pupils through video conferences.

This way, the pupils didn’t only learn about taking time to eat their lunch, eating more fruit and vegetables and drinking more milk, but also what children on the other side of the planet do and eat.

We are proud the say that the pilot in UAE was a success and Food Moovers is now offered in all 7 emirates.