Robert Kynaston

The rewarding road to profitable sustainability

Arla farmer Robert Kynaston has achieved rich biodiversity through 30 years of trial and error

Robert Kynaston
Great Wollaston Farm
Shropshire, United Kingdom
85 cows

Ever since Robert took over the farm over 30 years ago he has been experimenting with ways to encourage and increase its biodiversity. Among his many initiatives he grows certain crops in the spring, which gives birds like skylark and lapwing nesting cover, and he keeps thick grass margins around the edges of many of his fields. He explains, “It provides good habitat for insects and small mammals, for birds foraging and the brown hare get in this long grass as well.”

Sustainable farming is also about soil health
Robert’s herd of 85 cows is part of a mixed farming approach – grassland, arable crops and livestock. He says, “Integrated farm management is making all the farm work together. What I’ve tried to do is produce a farm that has good crop rotation so you’re building up soil health and soil fertility with the grass and the livestock.”
Growing his own protein feed also pays dividends.