Our health strategy

We continuously improve our products

Milk naturally contains one of the richest combinations of nutrients that you can find in a single food source. We make milk’s natural nutrients available in a variety of tasty products that make it easier for you to live a healthy life. For people’s specific health needs, we add natural ingredients to lend a helping hand.

Why we do this

We believe that healthy eating should be easy, accessible and enjoyable. That’s why at Arla, we’re committed to creating high quality products that fit with healthy diets and inspire good food habits. 

As a cooperative owned by farmers, everything we do starts with their milk. We are very proud of the raw material that our farmers work hard to produce and that means we are committed to securing all of the good stuff from milk whilst limiting fat, added sugar and salt. 

Innovative products that taste great is at the heart of what we do and we constantly strive to enhance our products to fulfil the nutrition criteria. 

Milk contains one of the richest natural combinations of nutrients that we can find in a single food source. It provides us with calcium, high quality protein and many other minerals and vitamins that we all need daily to meet the challenges of modern life.

We continuously improve our products to meet current and future consumer needs. We constantly strive to produce products that is in line with our Arla Brand Nutrition Criteria to secure beneficial dairy nutrients. 

Our aspiration

We focus our dedication to providing products that fits our consumers needs through various initatives such as our

Our Nutrition Criteria are the guiding principles that support our Arla-branded products to help everyone choose the best dairy foods to eat healthier. 

Milk is nutritious by nature. We process our milk gently to maintain the broad range of vitamins, minerals and bioactive components that are naturally present in the milk. We maintain the natural goodness of the product by using natural aromas and carefully selected ingredients and additives.

Innovative products that taste great are at the heart of what we do and we constantly strive to enhance our products to fulfil the Nutrition Criteria

People’s health needs vary throughout life. To match specific needs, we lend nature a helping hand and make our dairy products even better. It could be by adding protein, probiotics, vitamins or fibres or reducing lactose, added sugar, fat and salt. This way, we make it easier for people to live healthy lives.

Some of our activities

  • Natural ambition since 2008: We maintain the natural goodness of the product by carefully selected natural ingredients and additives.
  • Over the last few decades we have reduced the amount of fat in our products without compromising taste and we now offer low fat alternatives in most product categories. Fat content is still a main focus area in our product development and we continuously launch reduced fat products. 
  • Step-by-step reduction of added salt and sugar: One example is removal of 500 tonnes of sugar from Danes’ diets from 2013 to 2014 by reducing added sugar in the Arla Yoggi® yogurt range.
  • In recent years, we have significantly increased the number of high protein products. We have launched or will launch new products ranges such as Arla® skyr and Arla® Protein in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands.
  • Launch of new products every year to help fight undernutrition, lifestyle diseases, digestive problems and other health issues or to improve physical performance. One example is Arla® Protino, a range of portion-sized products for elderly and hospitalised people, who risk under-nutrition. 
  • Increase availability of healthy on-the-go products: As an example, our Arla® &More range were launched in Finland and Sweden in 2018, with Denmark and other markets to follow. 
  • Give more people across the world access to natural nutritious milk products that are safe and affordable and will help them increase the quality of their daily diets.