Arla's Nutrition Criteria

Our commitment to healthy eating

We believe that healthy eating should be easy, accessible and enjoyable. That’s why at Arla, we’re committed to creating high quality products that fit with healthy diets and inspire good food habits. Our Nutrition Criteria are the guiding principles that support our Arla Branded products to help everyone choose the best dairy foods to eat healthier. 

As a cooperative owned by farmers, everything we do starts with their milk. We are very proud of the raw material that our farmers work hard to produce and that means we are committed to securing all of the good stuff from milk whilst limiting fat, added sugar and salt. 

Innovative products that taste great is at the heart of what we do and we constantly strive to enhance our products to fulfil the nutrition criteria. Our teams responsible for new product development are dedicated to increasing the number of products that comply with the Arla Brand Nutrition Criteria, with the ambition to achieve 95 per cent by 2020. 

Our Arla Brand yogurts are leading the industry when it comes to sugar reduction. With 88 per cent of all Arla branded fruit and flavoured yogurts currently compliant with the nutrition criteria, Arla’s team has spent the last 15 years working to ensure significant sugar reduction across its portfolio. Developed with 30 per cent less sugar than other yogurt alternatives, Skyr is a prime example of Arla’s innovation contributing to healthier options for consumers. 

When you buy an Arla product that carries health messages, you can be sure it contains a balanced mix of nutrients and fulfils all of the below criteria requirements:

  • There is a high content of protein and calcium, along with a range of vitamins and minerals 
  • Fat and protein content is balanced, like milk in its most raw form 
  • We place clearly defined limits on the amount of added sugar, salt and fat

We want to make it easy for everyone to eat healthily. It’s that simple.

What have we already done:

  • Reduced sugar by almost 3000 tonnes across a range of yogurts in the Arla brand across markets 
  • Launched Skyr – a low fat, low sugar yogurt that could reduce sugar intake by around 190 tonnes per year in the UK 
  • Dramatically cut salt across the range of cottage cheese 


Download Arla's Nutrition Criteria (PDF)

Our commitments

Health & Nutrition

Supplying safe products is our top priority. Furthermore, we want to provide products that match consumers’ nutritional needs and, at the same time, inspire better food habits. We do this by providing a variety of nutritious products as well as recipes and transparent information.

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