Good Growth 2020

For our customers

We want to be the best partner for our customers - in terms of the development of both our own and their brands.

Across the world, food unites people. Everyone needs it to keep going throughout the day. It’s become more important that food is healthy and produced responsibly. People are looking for less processed food products made from natural ingredients. That’s where Arla’s dairy products have an important part to play. For us, Good Growth is about growing our business by adding value to people’s lives.

With the Arla® brand we aim to bring health and natural goodness to people through dairy products that they use throughout their day – and their lives. We will lead and shape the market with innovative nutritious value-added products made from natural ingredients, produced in a responsible way. We will remind people that milk is a wonderful, nutritious product and that our Arla milk comes from our passionate farmer owners who deliver high quality milk.

We will not only provide naturally nutritious food that fuels your body, we also want to add quality to your life. We will inspire people to explore good food through our Lurpak® and Castello® brands. We will ensure that we are a global leader in natural quality butter and spreads and we aim to be a leading player in creatively crafted speciality cheeses.

Farm quality


Our farmers have agreed to manage their farms and milk production according to a common farm quality assurance programme called Arlagården®.

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Lead - Sense - Create

Our values

We strive to have a leading mindset, a sensing approach and a creative culture.

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