Good Growth 2020

For the planet

We know that long-term success is only achieved if we are able to add value to your life while acting responsibly towards the environment and the communities we’re a part of.

In 2050, there will be nine billion people on this planet. In Arla, we recognise we have a responsibility, as one of the world’s leading dairy producers, to develop new solutions that reduce our impact on climate and the environment.

To us, sustainability means offering foods with the highest possible nutritional value, to as many people as possible, using as few of nature’s resources as possible. Our milk and dairy products can contribute to nutrition, health and food security for millions.

Made in an efficient way using best management practices, our products can form an important part of a sustainable diet, as defined by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). We intend to play an active role in fulfilling UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through our Code of Conduct, our Human Rights Policy, Health Strategy and Environmental Strategy, including our Sustainable Dairy Farming Strategy and sourcing policies for palm oil, soy and cocoa.

Sustainable partnerships


We expect our suppliers to acknowledge their social and environmental responsibilities in order that we meet our aim of purchasing goods and services in a sustainable way.

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For a better world


Arla has worked with environmental strategies for decades with emphasis on different environmental aspects.

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Being responsible

Nature and environment

Our ambition is to be at the forefront when it comes to sustainable dairy farming and environmental standards in the dairy industry.

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