Sustainable partnerships


We work with suppliers from all over the world and they have major impact on our quality and ethical sustainability commitments. We expect our suppliers to acknowledge their social and environmental responsibilities in order that we meet our aim of purchasing goods and services in a sustainable way.

Suppliers' responsibility

We strive to ensure that our suppliers are willing to comply with the requirements set out in our Code of Conduct and that they support us in our efforts to respect human rights as set out in our Human Rights Policy.

Our suppliers are contractually bound to meet our requirements. We ask them to sign our Code of Conduct for Suppliers and evaluate and follow up on their ability to comply with our requirements.

Arla's Modern Slavery Statement

We do not accept forced labour and human trafficking in our operations and supply chain. We specify our expectations to suppliers in our Code of Conduct for Suppliers.


Arla’s statement on Responsible Sourcing

We are dedicated to operate and develop our business in a sustainable and responsible manner, while at the same time adding value to people’s lives. For this purpose we have our Statement on Responsible Sourcing which outlines our ways of working in our upstream supply chain.

Arla's sourcing statements (PDF)

Good farming

Arla is farmer owned

Dairy farmers own Arla. Our objective is to help them obtain the highest possible milk price. 

For a better world

Environmental Strategy

Our environmental strategy 2020 focuses on sustainable agriculture, greenhouse gas emissions, water, energy, and zero waste...

Farm Quality


The Quality Assurance Programme "Arlagården®" specifies the requirements for milk production on farms which supply milk to Arla.