Our responsibility

Responsible Relations

Our worldwide operations provide employment for many people and economic growth. We value the relationships we have with people, organisations and communities. No matter what the nature of the relationship we are committed to maintaining mutual respect and understanding.

Human Rights

We respect and support international agreements on human rights.
We assess and address our human rights impacts in our operations when establishing a presence in a new market, and in our supply chain.

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Safe and healthy workplace

We provide safe and healthy working conditions.
Our work environment ambition is 100-100-0-0. This means that we aim at 100% engagement, 100% wellbeing, 0 accidents and 0 harassment.
We want our colleagues to be healthy and engaged at work, and we work systematically to reduce physical and psychological accidents and illnesses.


  • We see a year-on-year reduction in the total number of accidents

Compliance Violations

We ensure that all employees can easily report possible compliance violations.
We have established a whistleblower mechanism, and an internal grievance process.


  • In 2020, the whistleblowing function received 8 reports, of which 1 led to further investigation and appropriate measures were taken

Diversity & Inclusion

In Arla we believe that diversity and inclusion are imperative to our business. We define diversity broadly as differences between people with a diverse range of backgrounds, while inclusion is about valuing differences among individuals to create synergies. It is our target that the gender composition among the Board of Directors reflects that of our farmer owner population.


  • In 2020, the representation of females in the Board of Directors was 13%.