Good farming

Sustainable farming

We want to source milk and other agricultural material which have been farmed in a sustainable manner.

How the milk and other agricultural raw materials is produced at farm level has a major influence on the overall environmental performance of Arla’s products. Therefore, it is important that this production is done in a sustainable way.

Sustainable Dairy Farming Strategy

In order to further strengthen the environmental performance at Arla dairy farms, we have a Sustainable Dairy Farming Strategy, focusing on four areas:

  1. Climate, with the goal that in 2020, the climate footprint per kg milk from Arla farms will in total be reduced by 30% compared to 1990 and that the share of renewable energy will increase.
  2. Animals, where we focus on continually improving animal welfare by implementing the animal welfare standard in Arlagården for all Arla farmers and by strengthening performance with extension services and new knowledge.
  3. Resources, where we focus on energy, water and feed with the aim of improving efficiency, reducing and reusing waste.
  4. Nature, where we focus on encouraging and inspiring Arla's suppliers to protect and promote biodiversity by national project.

Also, Arla show leadership in the area of sustainable agriculture by responsible sourcing of selected products associated with environmental challenges 

Our commitments

Sustainable Dairy Production

We have a natural interest in high animal welfare standards, milk quality and state-of-the-art production. We strive for the best environmental practices and work to continuously reduce our environmental impact, all the way from the farm to the consumer.

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Sustainable partnerships

Arla's Statements on Sourcing

We work with suppliers from all over the world and they have major impact on our quality and ethical sustainability commitments...

Farm Quality


The Quality Assurance Programme "Arlagården®" specifies the requirements for milk production on farms which supply milk to Arla.

Good farming

Animal welfare

Not many of us know a farmer and thereby have the possibility to visit a farm. But take a look at this farm to see how the cows live when they are not on grass...