Our standards

How we work with food safety

How do we ensure product quality?
When we produce milk, cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products, it is crucial that each product meets the high quality standards that give our consumers confidence in our products.

In our production, we mainly work according to ISO standards:

  • ISO 9000 – quality management in general
  • ISO 22000 –  a specific tool for managing food safety

By using ISO standards our product quality and food safety are accredited by a third party. In Arla we also operate our own policies for the area as well as other standards depending on demands from markets and customers.

In the first instance, food safety is all about preventive action that we carry out through working systematically with HACCP, (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). This means that we risk assess production methods in relation to three main risks:

  1. Biological risks
  2. Physical risks
  3. Chemical risks

In partnership with our suppliers, we ensure that no unwanted allergens are present in our products. Where allergens occur, we ensure that the products are labelled. 

Should accidents happen
Arla’s objective is to supply products that are flawless in terms of quality. However, as it is impossible to provide a 100 per cent guarantee that errors never occur in food production, there are clear procedures in place should accidents happen. A product is recalled if it is deemed to have a negative effect on the consumer.


Arla’s first dairy was accredited in 1994 (at that time MD Foods)
Today, all Arla’s dairies are accredited according to one or more quality/food safety standards.