Good dairy

Natural dairy products

The majority of our products have always been free of artificial ingredients and additives. 

However, some ingredients and additives are difficult to avoid if you want to maintain the highest possible product quality. We have reviewed the contents of all our products and are working consistently to keep them as natural as possible.

In some cases we may need to develop more natural ingredients or additives, which can replace the chemically modified additives available on the market today. With focus on research and innovation and by challenging our suppliers, we strive to find natural alternatives.

Farm Quality


The Quality Assurance Programme "Arlagården®" specifies the requirements for milk production on farms which supply milk to Arla.

Good farming

Animal welfare

Not many of us know a farmer and thereby have the possibility to visit a farm. But take a look at this farm to see how the cows live when they are not on grass...


Research and innovation

Read more about how we work with research and innovation...