Kajsa Petersson

The cows are the most important part of the farm

For Arla farmer Kajsa Petersson, farming decisions are taken with regards to their long-term consequences

Kajsa Petersson,
Fornby Gård,
Horndal, Sweden
100 Cows

Kajsa and her husband have been running their dairy farm organically for seven years. Like all Arla farmers, Kajsa Petersson has a strong focus on animal welfare.

“I think all dairy farmers strive to take good care of their cows as it is so rewarding.”

Kajsa’s normal working day with her cows is from six in the morning until four in the afternoon. She also checks them in the evening just to see how they are doing.

“Cows have different personalities – some are more social than others – and you have to keep an eye on all of them.”

Only the best is good enough
A few years ago, Kajsa invested in a new shed to create the best possible environment for the dairy cows – in her opinion that includes providing them with rubber mattresses for their bedding. 
“We have chosen to invest in things that improve animal welfare and look to save costs in other areas. The cows do the work so we must be sure to take good care of them.”

The new shed also gives Kajsa a closer relationship to the cows because there is less manual work to be done, “Before, I always had so many tasks to do. Now I have more time to just be around them.”